Favorite Parenting Resources

CC738D36-13BE-49A8-85B9-CF7A7C5111B4I’m a huge believer in positive & attachment parenting, and fostering a deep loving, connection & relationship between you and your child while still discipling and teaching them what is right. Here are all of my favorite parenting resources that I use and refer to often!!

BabyCenter- All things pregnancy, infancy, and toddlerhood (receive weekly or monthly emails with tips and developmental milestones):


Dr. William Spears- pediatrician and Attachment Parenting expert:


Batya the Baby Sleep Expert:


Positive Parenting and Discipline by Dr. Laura Markham (child physiologist):


“Jesus, the Gentle Parent” book:



“Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide (The Positive Parent Series)”:


“Fresh Start Parenting Show” podcast:


Minimalism for better parenting by Allie Casazza:


Motherhood: inspiring blogs:


Leslie Ludy’s Set Apart Motherhood blog:

The Collection | Set Apart Motherhood

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