My Favorite, Easy Trim Healthy Mama Meals:

I just wanted to share with y’all what I make on the daily for my THM meals! These are my go-to favorites and it can be a very good starting point for anyone who needs ideas!

I am not a mama who wants to spend hours in the kitchen or make a ton of things from scratch! I am also on a one-income pastoral budget so the frugal life is for me! 😂

***Word of encouragement for you: Do not get overwhelmed when thinking of all the changes to your health you are having to make!! This is a steady and slow process! It took me 4 years to officially make all the changes I needed to for our health. Concentrate on swapping out one thing at a time as you run out of the food items in your home with an on-plan, healthy food item! Simple swaps is what will get you to eventually where your whole lifestyle is centered around the health you desire! YOU CAN DO THIS!

To learn more about the plan and the resources they have to offer, visit my personal Trim Healthy Mama weight loss testimony here and my Trim Healthy Mama Resource page here! Also don’t forget to check out my favorite food shortcuts that you can get at your local Walmart!


I LOVE these cheesy, yummy omelettes so much and it’s easy and fast to whip up. Enjoying my cinnamon, creamy, stevia-sweetened coffee with it as well!! This is a Fat (“S”) meal and you burn fat while eating it as long as you don’t pair it with carbs! 🥳 Cheese, pepper/onion blend, all purpose seasoning, butter, eggs. For the coffee, I heat up my heavy whipping cream with a little bit of cinnamon and “Super Sweet” (a THM erythritol & stevia blend), froth it, then directly pour my coffee into that mug & stir it together. I also add the cinnamon to my coffee grounds before brewing!

29D376AE-BD11-4A01-A8B8-8DA25972954EAnother favorite coffee on plan that is similar to a Cold Brew, Cold Foam iced coffee that you would get at a coffee shop is this (thank you to my friend for sharing this recipe she told me about):  Take some heavy whipping cream and add some of your favorite sweetening drops/sweetener to it (like you would for normal coffee). Mix up the cream until it’s almost whipped cream. It should look super frothy. Put that in the bottom of your glass then add your ice and coffee over it (I use cold coffee, so my ice doesn’t melt as much).

A new favorite creamer I just started using is non-dairy Nut Pods Creamer! IMG_7761I ordered these on Amazon because I hear the THM sisters always talk about them on their podcast! It’s just as creamy as heavy whipping cream, but I put 3 tablespoons in and it’s only 3 grams of fat and no carbs instead of 15 grams of fat like heavy whip is. I can drink this everyday in my coffee without worrying about crossing over with my meals, praise Jesus!!! There are sooooo many different flavors but hazelnut is the one I have. They have variety packs and “seasonal” flavors too! It does have a coconut taste to them but I LOVE it. They also have oat milk if you wanted to avoid the coconut taste but have the same creaminess! I recommend!!

On those mornings where I don’t have time to make anything for breakfast because I’m running out the door, I love to grab one of these Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurts! 15 grams of protein and these are only $1 each with many different flavor options! I also will throw in some sugar-free chocolate chips into it for some extra yumminess!


One of my go-to lunches is a carb (“E”) meal with 1 piece of sprouted grain sandwich bread and Laughing Cow Light cheese spread on it, a little garlic salt sprinkled on the cheese spread, with turkey breast and lettuce. I love to have on the side a pickle or two with some baby tomatoes, and a small handful of on-plan chips (today being with baked organic blue corn chips and a little bit of salsa). If I still feel hungry afterwards, I sometimes will eat half an orange or apple.

For quick grab-and-go lunches, I will grab a Light Progresso (broth based) can of soup for a quick E meal while dipping one piece of sprouted grain toast in it!

Also one of my quick, favorite lunches is to shred up some lettuce on my plate, tear up some deli meat on top with cheese, some cheddar crisps (for more crunch), and cucumbers and baby tomatoes in my favorite dressing! Don’t forget about the easy, healthy benefits of eating huge salads!


Some of my favorite go-to, “don’t have time to fuss over dinner” meals are Skillet Cabbage & Sausage, Veggie Spaghetti, Chicken Alfredo, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Burritos/Soft Tacos, Taco Bowls, and Crockpot Salsa Chicken. All of them can be made into an S- fat meal, an E- carb meal, or a Fuel Pull meal depending on what you throw into it.

With my Skillet Cabbage & Sausage meal, I like to buy all natural beef sausage with only 1 carb (which makes it an S- fat meal or you could use lean turkey sausage to make it a Fuel Pull meal) and slice it up and put with ½ cup of water in the skillet. I let it brown with some all purpose seasoning while I shred or chop up some cabbage (or you can skip the chopping stage by buying bags of coleslaw). I then put in the cabbage with the sausage and cover it while the cabbage wilts down. Stir occasionally. It’s done in 5 minutes! The fat from the sausage seasons the cabbage and it taste amazing sprinkling some Parmesan cheese on top!

img_3335Veggie Spaghetti or Lentil Spaghetti is my spaghetti-loving daughter’s favorite! Traditional spaghetti noodles is something that she used to love to eat until we introduced what we call veggie spaghetti and the lentil spaghetti noodles. Veggie spaghetti is the already spiraled/cut zucchini noodles that you can find in the frozen section at your grocery store. Simply steam and toss them with a jar of spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce (which is lower in carbs and sugar). When using pizza sauce I throw in some Italian seasoning with it and it taste just like traditional spaghetti sauce. I either will cook ground beef or lean ground turkey to put in the spaghetti depending on if I want it to be a fat meal or a carb, or fuel pull meal. That way my sides that I have with it can vary. For instance, if I want it to be a carb meal, I will use the ground turkey for my meat and then I will enjoy sprouted grain toast on the side that I put a tiny smear of butter (less than a teaspoon to keep it in carb mode) and garlic salt on it. If I keep it as a fat meal, I will smother it in grated cheese and use the beef as my meat. With Lentil spaghetti, it is made 100% from Lentils which would make it an “E” meal. So we stick to lean ground turkey meat for this one to stay in fat burning mode. If you cook them long enough (or even better, pre-soak them before cooking) they taste and look like regular pasta. Lentils is SOOOO great for your blood sugar and so high in protein, so they really stick to your ribs and make you feel more full!

Chicken Alfredo is a new one that we recently added to our go-to dinner meals! I literally cook some chicken up in my instant pot if I don’t have some already made and throw a jar of light Alfredo sauce into it for a fat meal. Then I will steam up a side of broccoli or a side of zucchini noodles and stir it in with the chicken Alfredo. I also love stirring in cauliflower rice as well. This makes a really yummy, filling Chicken Alfredo dish and it has become my whole family’s favorite!

I mention this next recipe in my favorite food shortcuts you can find at your local Walmart!  This is such an easy 3 ingredient healthy version of mac & cheese! You can eat this mac & cheese (as a “Crossover” maintenance meal) in bigger portions with higher protein levels in it from the lentils. Buy the Lensi Lentil noodles (in the aisle where all the pasta is located) and cook it. Once the noodles are cooked, mix together melted cheddar cheese with a jar of Classico Light Creamy Alfredo. This stuff is so good and filling and it sticks to your ribs!

Please see UPDATE below after reading this: Pizza is one of my favorite things to eat!!! Scraping the toppings off of pizza and eating just that is yummy, but I love me some crust– thin crust especially!!! Cauliflower crust actually taste just like thin crust and is an easy way to make pizza!!! Buy this Caulipower brand crust from the freezer section at Walmart to make your own pizzas! You get 2 crusts in a box. If you want some already pre-made, for the same price you can buy the pre-made pizzas but only get one pizza. I find it just as easy and way cheaper to get the box of just the 2 pizza crusts, spread some pizza sauce on it, sprinkle garlic salt, and then shred some cheese on top then bake it! You can add whatever other toppings you desire! So easy and good!

***UPDATE: The THM journey is just that, a life-long journey. This means there will be mistakes made, but the point is to turn them around and learn from them! I was originally told by someone who was doing Keto that this particular brand of cauliflower crust was Keto friendly (which in turn meant it would be S friendly for THM). I took them at their word without ever looking at the ingredients or nutritional facts. I learned a good lesson from this recently when someone pointed out to me that the serving size was for ⅓ of the pizza crust (which I always ate the whole crust in one setting), as well as the flour wasn’t just cauliflower and cheese, but full of Brown Rice flour and White Rice flour (which neither are on plan because of the spike of insulin that happens from eating the flour in such concentrated forms). LESSON LEARNED: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR INGREDIENTS & SERVING SIZES!!! This crust is NOT on plan! Unfortunately there is not a cauliflower crust at our Walmart that I am aware of that is on plan as of right now. But next time, I will make my pizza with Joseph’s Lavash Bread on my pizza pan to get it nice and crispy. I heard this works well for most people.

Burritos/Soft Tacos are so simple!!! You just cook up some ground beef or turkey, or even chicken fajitas with seasonings, and then throw them into either Low-carb Mission tortillas, Joseph’s Lavash bread, or Joseph’s pita bread. Depending on whether you want it to be a fat or carb meal depends on what bread or tortilla you put it into and what meat you use. Also you can add all the fixings such as Greek yogurt (which taste like sour cream), shredded cheese (for fat meal), salsa, black beans and corn (if you’re doing a carb meal), lettuce, tomatoes, pico, etc. You can also just do a taco bowl with organic baked blue corn chips! It will stay in E-carb mode if you use lean ground turkey and leave off the fats. ***Side note: in this picture above, I show regular organic blue corn chips instead of baked, because at the time I did not notice they weren’t baked. Regular corn chips are fried in an oil that usually isn’t the best… even Sunflower oil. To stay on plan, we need to find either a baked corn chip (E–carb meal) or a fried corn chip in coconut or palm oil (which would be a Crossover–maintenance meal).

With my Crockpot Salsa Chicken, I put in my chicken breast with a whole jar of salsa on top of it. The last 30 minutes before serving dinner, I throw in a block of cream cheese and let it melt down if I want it to be a S– fat meal. If I want it to be an E- carb meal, I instead will throw in a can of black beans and sometimes some corn. You can also dip blue corn chips in it as an E meal. It’s also tastes super good over some cauliflower rice that I will quickly cook up before serving. You can find bags of cauliflower rice in your frozen section at the grocery store. A side salad is also great to add with it!


Ramen “Pho” has become a new favorite in our household. I bought the usual spaghetti Lentil noodles and this Ramen stock from the Asian food aisle at Walmart. After boiling and draining the noodles, I put 2 boxes of the stock into my pot and added the “Ramen seasonings” to taste (which you can make your own shaker of: 2 tablespoons each of onion powder, ground ginger, garlic powder, and ground black pepper– then add salt to taste.) I also threw in some left over squash, peas, and ground turkey we happened to have in the fridge from a previous meal. You don’t have to add meat if you don’t want to, because the protein in the lentils is sufficient enough for one meal.



Another easy thing you can do you is pre-cook chicken, ground beef or ground turkey all on Sunday night and put them in containers in your fridge, so when you come home at any time in the week and you need to get dinner started, you already have your main part of your meal cooked. The easiest thing you can do is pop in some frozen vegetables either in the microwave or in a pot on the stove and steam it in 5 to 10 minutes, and eat it as a side to your meat. Remember seasonings, healthy oils and butter (use these if it is a fat meal) is your friend when cooking vegetables! I also LOVE roasting a variety of vegetables in the oven that is tossed in olive oil and seasonings. It creates such a crisp, wonderful taste and is super simple! You can also grab lettuce and shred it onto your plate, then throw your meat on top and pour salsa or any other kind of dressing that you love and have a big, hearty salad!


-Make homemade pecan clusters by putting Lily’s chocolates and pecans in a pile on a baking sheet and baked at 350 degrees till melted!! Sooo easy!

-Peppermint Bark:If you mix these two Lily’s baking chips together it taste like peppermint bark! You can literally just eat them as a handful or you can melt them together to actually make a peppermint bark! Life just got even better! 🤤

I will continue to add to my easy, favorite meals as I make and discover more! Continue to check this blog periodically!

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