THM Snack Ideas:

Trim Healthy Mama is big about when we have a snack in between our meals (somewhere between 2 ½ to 3 hours after your last meal) that it needs to include some sort of protein with it. This will help sustain you until your next meal and also give your metabolism the boost it needs to keep going strong all day.

Here are some examples of snacks you can do throughout your day! There are really ENDLESS possibilities of snack pairings you can put together, but this will give you some ideas of my favorites! I will add to this list as time goes on!

Also, for more inspiration on easy, fast meals (not using recipes), food shortcuts you can buy at your local Walmart, or meal plan ideas, visit my Trim Healthy Mama section on our blog: Trim Healthy Mama | matthewfivefive.

***Word of encouragement for you: Do not get overwhelmed when thinking of all the changes to your health you are having to make!! This is a steady and slow process! It took me 4 years to officially make all the changes I needed to for our health. Concentrate on swapping out one thing at a time as you run out of the food items in your home with an on-plan, healthy food item! Simple swaps is what will get you to eventually where your whole lifestyle is centered around the health you desire! YOU CAN DO THIS!

◦ I LOVE this blog article with awesome snack ideas and recipes:

Easy Snack Box Ideas for the Trim Healthy Mama – Oh Sweet Mercy

FP- Fuel Pull means a low carb & low fat snack:

◦ frozen strawberries (or any other kind of berry) mashed into cottage cheese and a tiny bit of Stevia.

  • A few slices of lean deli meat

◦ Oikos Triple Zero yogurt with added berries if desire.

  • Wasa Multigrain Cracker (1 for FP) with Laughing Cow Cheese spread63330366572__92A70260-7173-443D-B299-7EAD3B089DA2

S- Fat snack:

◦ Handful of nuts & cheese stick

◦ Oikos Triple Zero yogurt with handful of stevia-sweetened chocolate chips!

◦ Whisps cheese chips & handful of nuts

◦ Slimfast Keto bar

  • Slices of lean deli meat wrapped around a cheese stick.
  • Strawberries dipped in melted Lily’s Chocolate Chips then hardened in fridge. So delicious and easy! Add some protein on the side.63487399402__BCDDF437-C74B-4FF2-B445-ACB58BA81563

-Homemade Cheez Its!!!! Get really thin cheese slices and cut into fours, sprinkle with salt and put it into the oven at 250° for 35 minutes. Broil it the last two minutes so it gets extra crispy. You can get really thin cheese slices from the deli and have them slice it on the thinnest setting, or you can buy the Sargento cheddar thin sliced cheese!


-Josheph’s Lavash Crackers:
You can make these sweet or savory depending on how you season them after cutting the Lavash bread into little squares, and then brushing or spraying olive or coconut oil or butter on them. You can use Everything Bagel seasoning or cinnamon & a stevia blend on top. Or maybe make them spicy! These turn out so good and easy! Just bake for 4-7 minutes at 400 degrees. Add some protein on the side.
                    crackerscinnamon crackers

E- Carb snack:

  • Wasa Multigain Crackers (2-3 for E) with Laughing Cow Cheese spread

◦ whole banana or other fruit (non-berry) and light mozzarella cheese stick

  • Freeze Dried Fruit crisps with light mozzarella cheese stick174226223_4229666123724283_6841353595362242309_n

◦ cottage cheese with frozen strawberries with banana or other fruit (non-berry)

◦ Cottage cheese on sprouted-grain toast with garlic salt sprinkled on top

◦ Laughing Cow Light cheese spread on sprouted-grain toast with garlic salt sprinkled on top

◦ Salsa & handful of baked corn chips with Light mozzarella cheese stick

  • Okios Triple Zero Strawberry Yogurt with cut up banana mixed in.