How I Launched THM In My Community!

A year ago, I had it advertised in my church announcements with my before and after picture shown, and we met once a month since then as a support group. I also just had another “relaunch” day a few weeks ago for newer ladies in our church who haven’t heard about it.

I had food samplings of items you can buy in store or it takes a few minutes to whip together so it would be super enticing to ladies who live super busy lives! We had the Pepperidge farm sprouted grain bread with Laughing cow cheese spread and deli meat sandwiches, sparkling flavored water already sweetened with stevia in a pitcher, THM lemonade, coffee with the Stevia-flavored drops from Amazon and half and half to add to the coffee, homemade Mac and cheese made out of lentil pasta, a jar of Alfredo sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese with a little bit of garlic salt (which is an on-plan Crossover). We bought Lily’s chocolate bars and chocolate chips and had sampling’s of those. We also drizzled Lilly’s chocolate (melted) over strawberries. My goal was to be able to have foods there that were accessible from our local Walmart because we live in a smaller town with no health food stores. I wanted ladies to know that they could get all the stuff from Walmart and it is simple grab and go stuff!

I told ladies to invite anybody they know in the community to come with them, and I had a slideshow presentation of my testimony with pictures of my whole journey. After that I showed them a video I found off of YouTube from Trim Healthy Mama that was their TV special that talked about how they started Trim Healthy Mama and it has testimonies of other ladies within the video.

Once the video was over I showed them The Starter Book and I told them if they were wanting to follow along with us at our next meeting where we would go over the actual plan together from the Starter book, then they can order it off of the Trim Healthy Mama website.

Next month at our meeting we will do exactly that… go over the plan according to the 47 pages within The Starter Book.

Our consecutive meetings each month will consist of us trying a recipe with each other, discussing new foods that we can find in our local Walmart that are on plan, and also come up with meal plans for everybody. We will be there as a support system and only there to encourage and uplift… we will not shame in anyway and not make ladies weigh in. We are there together to support each other and know that we are all on the same journey in our health. Basically we hold each other‘s hand through this time!!


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