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Christopher and Melody Meek attended Christ For the Nations Institute, a Bible College, in Dallas, Texas, where they met and fell in love. Together, they graduated from the third year of the Advance School of Worship and Technical Arts with their Associates Degree in Practical Ministry, Minor in Music, and License to Preach from the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches (FMC) on May 7, 2010. Christopher later became an Ordained Minster by the FMC in 2014 and Melody in 2015. Christopher and Melody were married on December 3, 2010 after graduation from CFNI.

Christopher is now serving in their local church as the full time Kids Pastor teaching and leading kids and families in the love of the Father. Melody is serving in their local church on the worship team and in women’s and kid’s ministry.

Chris and Melody are proud parents of their daughter Harmony Dawn Meek, who was born on July 23rd 2015, and their son Colin Alexander Meek, who was born on October 10th 2017. Inspired by Harmony’s birth, Christopher has written and published a book taken from a blog series he earlier wrote about her called: beloved. Also inspired by Colin’s birth, Christopher wrote a children’s book called My Little Hero.

Christopher is also a website and graphic designer, public speaker, and does Spider-Man cosplay for birthday parties and events. He is also the author of Blade Children, a Christian fictional novel for preteens and up! You can learn more at his official website: www.christopheralexmeek.com

Christopher’s Facebook page:https://m.facebook.com/christopheralexmeek/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=page_post_reaction

Youtube page:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtN6yI_eXVUv1TCybZhLqQ/videos


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