A Picture Perfect Moment

This morning as we arrived at church I pointed at a ladybug on the church exterior wall.

“Look Harmony! A ladybug!” I said to my 2-year old daughter.

She insisted on holding it. I was trying to get her through the door so I kept coming up with every excuse I could.

“It’s sleeping right now sissy. Lets go inside.”

She insisted still.

Finally, I gave in and held the ladybug in my hand. She held out hers and as I dropped it in her hand she began to giggle. It started crawling and opened its wings.

I thought I would try and take a picture so I grabbed my phone. As soon as I got close enough and snapped the image, the ladybug flew away. I missed it. Or so I thought….. I looked at the picture and noticed I caught the ladybug just before taking off from Harmony’s hand.


This picture is so special to me now. Not only does it hold a great moment forever frozen in time, but it also serves as a great reminder:

Don’t let the little things of life pass you by. If you do, you could miss out on a very memorable moment. 

Later that day, I recalled a chapter in the BELOVED book that my wife and I wrote together about Harmony back in 2015! It had to do with her and Ladybugs. I got chills!

Enjoy this FREE Chapter from our book, Beloved.



“My Beloved, My beautiful treasure. How are you today?”

The tiny human was awakened from a dream by her Father’s comforting voice.

“Harmony? What were you dreaming about?”

The little one yawned and stretched before answering.

“I had a dream about a little red bug.”

“Go on.” The Father encouraged.

“This little red bug had black dots on it’s back and it had two sets of wings tucked under it’s shell. In my dream it flew from flower to flower eating other bugs, but I wasn’t afraid. Then the little red bug would start to glow with a bright light as it flew to another flower. Once it landed on a new flower, a different little red bug would emerge out from the pollen. Together they ate the other bugs. Then they both shined with great light and flew to another flower where a new little red bug emerged. This cycle continued until the air was filled with millions of tiny red flying bugs.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, Abba. What does my dream mean?”

“That tiny red bug in your dream is called a ladybug.”

“A ladybug?”

“Yes. And the reason you were not afraid when the ladybug ate the other bugs is because ladybugs are known for eating bad bugs.”

“Bad bugs?”

“The ladybug eats bad bugs called pests who destroy crops and vegetation.”

“Oh.” The little one whispered. “I see.”

She continued listening intently to the Father.

“After the ladybug in your dream ate the bad bugs, what happened next?”

“It shined brightly, and then flew to the next flower….”

The Father’s voice blended with Harmony’s voice as they described the dream once more together…

“…and from that flower another ladybug emerged.”

“Yes, Abba.  Did You give me that dream?”

“Yes. I did give you that dream, Beloved.”

Harmony gasped in excitement.

“You never cease to amaze me, Abba.”

Harmony laughed and tossed and turned with joy before settling down once more.

“But You must tell me the rest of the meaning of my dream.”

“In the supernatural, ladybugs symbolize being carriers of My anointing. That is why the ladybug lit up in your dream. They carry My light into the world. And just as ladybugs protect the harvest in the natural, they also represent protectors of My Harvest in the supernatural.”


“Harmony, you are that Ladybug.”

“Me? Why me?’

Long before you were conceived, your father nicknamed your mother his ‘Ladybug.’ Now that they know to be expecting a little girl in their lives, they have carried over the nickname to you, and they call you their ‘little lady-bug.”

The Father chuckled.

“They have even decorated your nursery with pink ladybugs.”

Harmony crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“I don’t think being called a bug is the prettiest of things.”

“Oh but it is, Harmony. It is.”

“It is?”

“Indeed. You see everyone loves ladybugs because they protect the earth’s vegetation from the bad bugs. Because of them, farmers are able to collect bundles of food.”

“But what does that have to do with me and my dream, Abba?”

“As the first ladybug flew to the second flower, it was joined with yet another ladybug. They ate the bad bugs together, lit up in a brilliant light, and then flew to the next flower where the cycle started all over. Harmony, you have been called forth to be a carrier of My anointing. Wherever you go, I go, and signs and wonders will follow. You have also been called forth to be a protector of My Harvest, My people. When you see someone in need and you serve them, pray over them, or help them in any way, you are protecting them from the harm of My enemy.”

The little one stayed perfectly still as the Father called her into her destiny.

“Just as the first ladybug was joined by another, and they were joined by yet another, so you shall be one who brings more people into My Kingdom. And in return, they shall bring more into My Kingdom as well. By the time your life comes to an end on earth, you will look back only to see that your “sky” will be filled with ladybugs – the lives of people you have touched and the lives of the people who have turned to Me.”

The little one stayed still and silent.


“That is so beautiful, Abba. I am Your little Ladybug?”

“Yes, Beloved.”

“And I get to carry Your anointing and spread it to others on earth?”

“Yes, Beloved.”

“I just have one more question.”

“What is it?”

“Will I have to eat bad bugs on earth?”

The Father was silent for a brief moment before bursting out in laughter.

His laughter got so intense that Harmony couldn’t help but laugh with Him. In the mixture of laughter she knew that no bug eating would be required to step into the prophetic destiny that the Father had planned for her.

Our Thoughts:

20 full weeks! You are now halfway through your pregnancy journey! This is a huge milestone for you and your little one. Go out and celebrate! Have you been craving anything special to eat lately? Take advantage of this time to splurge a little! In just 20 more weeks (give or take) your little one will be in your arms.

We truly believe that God has an amazing destiny in store for your little one. Their path of life is the first of it’s kind. There will never be another (insert your baby’s full name).

Have you had any dreams or visions lately, possibly related to your baby? Journal them down and ask the Lord for their meaning. God used dreams and visions to speak to His people in the Bible, and He still uses dreams and visions today. You’re halfway through your pregnancy journey, so enjoy each moment that is left.

My Thoughts:

Date:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Exodus 33:14, Psalm 51:11, Psalm 16:11,

Psalm 139:7-12, 17-18


“As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him.”

1 John 2:27

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Beloved: By Christopher Meek

“I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine.” Song of Solomon 6:3


This book is the first book that my wife and I have partnered together on. Beloved was inspired by the 40 Blog Post that were written each week as our daughter (our firstborn) grew in the womb. These short stories are now a collection built into one  book as a chance for each new parent to be to experience a beautiful relationship unfold between the Creator and His creation ~ nine months in the making. ~

Each weekly chapter is filled with a short story where baby and God are conversing back and forth, encouraging scriptures that can be used as short devotionals, and there will also be a place where each parent can journal their thoughts to God and/or to their baby.

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Available now from Lulu