Life Lesson #2: Satisfied?

I was sitting in my quiet time with Jesus, worshiping Him to some music this morning, when a certain song came on. It was a song that has played many times in my playlist before but something was different this time. As I sang the words, quietly whispering them from my heart out from my lips, I began thinking of the words that I was singing. As the song continued I realized that a few tears were coming down my face as I continued to sing, “I just want you more. More. I just want you.” As the song built up,it went into the bridge that said, “I need you, I need you, I need you more than anything. I want you, I want you, I want you more than anything, I want you Lord.”

The song is by Matthew Williams from his album called Hope’s Anthem, and the song is called, “I just want you more.”

And that brings me to today’s Life Lesson:ImNotSatisfied-Tshirt

We (myself included) are a greedy bunch of people. Why? Because we are never satisfied with what we have. As a child, we wish to be a teenager so we can be “cool.” When we become a teenager we want to be a young adult so we can drive. When we become a young adult we want to be a real adult with a commitment in marriage. When we become married, we want kids. When we get kids, we then want to grow old and see our grandkids. And once we’re old, we wish we were young again.

Talk about never being satisfied. If you’re anything like me, when you finally have a family/summer vacation planned on the calendar, do you not find yourself counting down the weeks and days till you can go?

“Yes! Only 5 more days left of work and then it’s beach time for a week!” Then it turns into, “Yes! Only 4 more days…… 3 more days….. 2 more days….. 1 more day!” And finally your hard earned/anticipated vacation arrives.

Again, if you’re anything like me, once you arrive at your vacation spot, the only thing you can think of is, “Oh man! I only have 6 more days to enjoy this.” And the countdown begins again.
We’re never satisfied.

We’re also (always) trying to keep up with the “American Dream’” in this life with our looks, possessions, and relationships. We’re never satisfied with what we’ve been given, and we can never see to remember the simple fact that: you possess more than someone else in this world.

But one thing I learned deeply in this moment of my quiet time was from a two-part question I asked myself. “Are you really satisfied with what you have, and would you truly be satisfied with just God alone?”

As the words of the song repeated, the question did too.“I need you, I need you, I need you more than anything. I want you, I want you,I want you more than anything, I want you Lord.”

Think about it another way…. In the book of Matthew, Jesus gives us the model prayer (the Lord’s Prayer). In that prayer Jesus teaches us to thank God for giving us this day’s bread/food (our daily bread). But have you ever stopped to think that if God truly ONLY gave you daily bread, that you and I would probably complain? “Bread?! That’s it?! But I want meat! I want something to drink with this! Can I have butter?!” We’re never satisfied.

When God is trying to tell us, even through that simple prayer, to be satisfied. God wants us to be satisfied, not just with what we have been given, but with Him. And God doesn’t want us to just be satisfied with Him AND what we’ve been given, but He wants us to be satisfied with JUST Him.
Truly ask yourself…. “If everything I have; everything I love and hold dear to me was stripped away from me today, but I still had my faith/relationship with God, would I be satisfied?”

A guy in the Bible named Job went through just that. If you read his story, you will find out that God called Job “His servant, upright and blameless. One who fears God and stays away from evil.”(Job 1:8) Satan tried to find excuses by saying that it was only because God gave him so much on earth (his possessions, family, and looks) and that if he were to take it away, Job would deny God.

Long story short, God allowed Satan to strip everything away from Job. In one day, he DID lose his house, all his children died in the house as it collapsed. He lost all of his livestock by freak “storms and raids,” and all his servants died except a few who told him all the bad news. Then when things couldn’t seem to get any worse…. Job’s health was taken away. But out of it all, even though Job was extremely sad, he was always satisfied that He still had God. In the end, because of Job’s faithfulness and love for God, God restored to Job twice the amount of all that he had previously owned.

Remember….. we need to find 100% satisfaction not only in what God has already given us, but in God and in God ALONE. Once we do that, God will open up so many more doors of blessings to us!

The only thing we should be greedy for, is more of God’s presence in our lives.


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